I rarely update this website anymore as I spend much of my online "face time" on MySpace (click the MySpace button below to go to my page there). If I get a whim, I'll update, but generally speaking the most current info will be over at MySpace. Of course any sort of convention, concert, or other such events will be noted here as well, and this is where I'll keep my photos from those types of things.

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Aftershocks Immediately follows the episode "Wrecked". incomplete
Aftershocks (part 1) - PG
Aftershocks (part 2) - NC-17

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Please note that the images used within these pages (aside from personal photos I've taken at conventions, etc.) are not copyrighted by me, and no copyright infringment is implied or intended. These images are NOT to be used for profit. If you wish to use any of the images on my site, please link back to me with credit. If I have used an image that is copyrighted by you and you wish me to take down the image or give you credit, please feel free to email me.

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